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Frequently Asked Questions

We are a software development and consulting company specialized in ecommerce. We have clients in all our platforms, we cover the needs of companies that want to sell to online retail, companies that want to sell to other companies and companies that market for other companies to sell in.
No, we do it in Argentina and Peru with our own representations and in other countries with representation of our partners.
It covers the consulting, provisioning, configuration and implementation of our ecommerce platform. Then we give the monthly maintenance service of the platform that is not optional since it covers hosting, incidents and support for special events.
Our main products are the B2C, B2B and Marketplace platforms. It is also an important part of our value offer the consulting that we add to all our projects, both in those where we cover all the needs of the project alone and when we do it with our partners.
It involves the construction of a software architecture that covers all the needs of sellers and buyers, going from the definition of a product to the integration of a means of payment or logistics. Everything, within the framework of a careful interactive model, that solves each need in a simple and intuitive way. It must also be prepared to support the traffic / volume that the business needs.
The time depends on the number of modules and configurations to implement. On average they are projects ranging from 3 to 5 months.
A functioning e-commerce platform, with the correct offer and marketing, is a turning point in the company's business. Therefore the project must be accompanied with commitment and resources. There must be a point of contact that makes decisions and reminds the entire team of the value of the project for the company.
Operating an ecommerce requires a significant daily dedication. You must analyze digital traffic, sales, understand what is sold, why someone buys, choose the right products, configure prices and promotions. Think about campaigns, analyze the competition, prepare events. Analyze logistics and customer satisfaction. It is important that the ecommerce have an ecommerce manager dedicated to this task as much as possible with a team in charge.
The license is a one-time use permit that is paid as part of the initial cost of implementation. Said permit is valid as long as the monthly maintenance is paid, which is reviewed after N months of project implementation.
Yes, normally when the name of the company changes. If there is an impact on ecommerce, the changes to be made will be quoted.
Simbel ecommerce provides 24x7 incident technical support to incidents on the platform through its support ticket system to which the client has access.
Tickets can also be requested for changes / improvements which are quoted and discussed with the client and then planned if required.
In the same way that it is explained that the duration depends on the number of modules to be implemented and their configurations, the cost calculation depends on the scope, project times and scale of the business. Our mission is to be able to provide you with an e-commerce platform that increases your sales and improves your margins. Contact us to see how we can help you achieve this.
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